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在古吉拉特邦艾哈迈达巴德(Ahmedabad),备受赞誉的蒙迪艾尔广场(Mondeal Square)综合体背后的建筑师和室内设计师 Blocher Partners India 又建造了一座地标性建筑:Mondeal Heights 是一个占地 65,000 平方米的多功能高端商务休闲建筑群。该项目与城市景观完美融合。

Blocher Partners India, the architects and interior designers behind the highly praised Mondeal Square complex built a further landmark in Ahmedabad, Gujarat: Mondeal Heights, a multifunctional high-end ensemble for business and leisure on 65,000 square meters. A project that integrates itself perfectly within the cityscape.

道路使用者和过往行人每天都能感受到艾哈迈达巴德最具标志性的双塔之一。对于建筑事务所 Blocher Partners India 的国家负责人 Hartmut Wurster 来说,这里已经创造出了非同寻常的东西:"城市结构和高端技术标准的独特组合为印度的现代商业世界提供了一个天堂"。
这两座 70 米高的塔楼拥有宽敞的办公空间、会议室以及带健身中心和水疗区的高级会所。建筑本身采用了交织和变换的元素,彰显了城市的活力。建筑立面由开放、半透明和封闭的矩形组成。
Hartmut Wurster 解释说:"根据一天中的不同时间,阳光会在建筑外墙上投射出不同的阴影,产生活跃的效果",他补充道:他还说:"从远处看,多层面的设计彰显出高贵的独特性"。蒙迪艾尔高地是一个具有国际地位的商业中心,为这座令人向往的大都市增添了新的亮点。

Road users and passers-by sense what is already one of Ahmedabad’s most iconic twin towers every day. For Hartmut Wurster, Country Head at the architectural office Blocher Partners India, something extraordinary has been created: “The exclusive mix of urban structure and top technological standards provides a haven for India’s modern business world.” The 70-meter-high towers house generous office spaces, conference rooms, and an exclusive clubhouse with fitness center and spa areas. The buildings themselves play with interwoven and shifted elements, which celebrate an urban dynamism. The fa?ade is a grid of open, semi-transparent, and closed rectangles. Hartmut Wurster explains: “Depending on the time of day, the sun casts different shadows on the building envelopes, with an enlivening effect,” and adds: “Seen from afar, the multi-faceted design broadcasts noble exclusivity.” Mondeal Heights is a business center of international standing, adding a new accent to the aspiring metropolis.

Blocher 合作伙伴在印度的建筑总是与周围环境形成一个和谐的整体,同时又散发出自信的个性。公司于 1989 年由尤塔-布劳赫和迪特尔-布劳赫在德国创立,为了满足亚洲日益增长的需求,公司在德里成立了子公司。特别是对于印度客户来说,在当地设立办事处非常重要。
该建筑集团的特殊能力在于将结构设计和室内设计完美地结合在一起。任何其他建筑公司都很难做到这一点。"我们深信,这种一站式理念是企业的最佳解决方案,因为所有领域都能像拼图一样组合在一起,"blocher partners 负责印度市场的 Angela Kreutz 解释说。为了满足自身需求,艾哈迈达巴德分公司的 17 人团队从不停歇。"我们始终关注当前的发展和趋势。因此,我们经常前往世界上最有趣的热点地区,以贴近实际情况",Kreutz 女士说道。

Local architects with a global background - “Architecture,” says the Country Head, “is always influencing the character of a city and, simultaneously, an echo of a social movement. Some projects even have a guiding function besides their actual purpose. They stand for a departure, an evolution, a paradigm shift.” The buildings of blocher partners in India always form a harmonious unit with their surroundings; simultaneously, they radiate self-confident individuality. Founded in 1989 by Jutta and Dieter Blocher in Germany, the company responded to the growing requests from Asia with the foundation of a subsidiary company in Delhi. Especially for the Indian clients, it was important to have an office on location. The special competence of the architectural group is the interlocking of structural design and interior design. Any other architectural firm hardly reaches this holistic approach. “We are convinced that such a one-stop concept is the best solution for companies because all areas fit together like the parts of a puzzle,” explains Angela Kreutz, responsible at blocher partners for the Indian market. To stay true to their own demands, the 17-headed team of the Ahmedabad branch office never stands still. “We are always up to date regarding current developments and trends. Therefore, we travel to the world’s most interesting hotspots to be close to the action,” Mrs. Kreutz says.

艾哈迈达巴德已迅速成为印度团队的第二故乡。这也要归功于 HN Safal 公司,该公司是我们长期忠实的客户之一,在这里开发了许多具有远见卓识的房地产项目,如令人叹为观止的蒙迪艾尔广场、独特的蒙迪艾尔零售公园,以及现在的蒙迪艾尔高地。"国家主管 Hartmut Wurster 解释说:"密切的联系使我们更加重视古吉拉特邦,尤其是我们有家的感觉的城市--艾哈迈达巴德。
Blocher Partners 印度公司于 2009 年迁入这座大都市,并将其办公室纳入了自我规划的建筑杰作:蒙代尔广场。这是一个引人注目的建筑群,除其他亮点外,还拥有印度最大的媒体立面。"在我们的办公室里,我有时会眺望整个城市,心想:那里还有很多企业在等着我们呢!"沃斯特这样描述他用独特建筑美化城市的无限雄心。

Ahmedabad has quickly become a second home for the Indian team. Also, thanks to HN Safal, one of the long-time, loyal clients that stand behind visionary real estate like the breathtakingly beautiful Mondeal Square, the one-of-a-kind Mondeal Retail Park – and now also Mondeal Heights. “The close connections led us to lay more emphasis on Gujarat and especially on the city where we feel at home – Ahmedabad,” Hartmut Wurster, Country Head, explains. Blocher Partners India moved to the metropolis in 2009 – and incorporated their office into a self-planned architectural masterpiece: Mondeal Square. A striking building ensemble that – amongst other highlights –boasts India’s largest media fa?ade. “From our office, I sometimes look over the city and think: there are so many more ventures waiting for us down there,” Wurster describes his unbridled ambition to beautify the city with unique buildings.

Blocher Partners 印度事务所是当代最成功的建筑事务所之一。但他们未来几年的计划是什么呢?答案很简单:与客户同在,完成他们的愿望,实现他们的愿景。"安吉拉-克鲁兹解释说:"我们将继续为客户提供最高质量和最精致的美感。"此外,我们在印度的旅程才刚刚开始。当然,还有许多激动人心的任务在等着我们。

Blocher Partners India belongs to the most successful architectural offices of our time. But what are their plans for the years to come? The answer is simple: to be where their clients are, accomplish their wishes, and realize their visions. “We will continue to offer our clients the highest quality and sophisticated aesthetics,” Angela Kreutz explains. “Furthermore, our journey through India has just begun. Surely, many exciting tasks are waiting for us.”


建筑师:Blocher Blocher India Pvt. Ltd.


面积:47600 m2

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